About Us

Karma Gift List is a free social gifting platform that allows everyday people and charities to help their favorite cause through online shopping and gift giving!

We really believe that social gifting is the next phase in fundraising and, as a society; we are always willing to support a cause that means something to us. But if we donate money, it helps to know how that money is being used. Karma gift list provides you that luxury. Nonprofit organizations make gift lists of items that need and users can purchase a specific item from their list. That way there’s no mystery! If you purchase $100 worth of clothing, you know that people in need of that clothing will benefit from the full amount purchased.

Where it all began…

Karma Gift List started when our founder was tired of being asked what he wanted for his birthday.  He thought it would be a time saver if his family could log into a site and see exactly what he wanted.  He began to think that nonprofit organizations could benefit from this idea too. They could create gift lists so their donors would know what they needed the most and by spending money on actual goods people would feel a greater connection to the cause.

Poof! Karma Gift List was born!